The process

How decisions are made


As a Company, we are independent with a clear governance structure and robust financial management and adaptable to meet the needs of funders and clients.

Our structure is set up to;

  • Implement community and economic development programmes and projects
  • Bid for commercial contracts
  • Administer grants on behalf of our contracting organisations
  • Manage and implement projects which benefit the community and local economy
  • Foster, support and enable community-led and local economic development.


Our decision-making structure is made up of the following elements:

Board of Directors – we have 7 volunteer Directors who have skills and experience of community development, economic development and business & enterprise.  The Directors are drawn from the public, private and community / voluntary sectors.  Directors are responsible for the governance of the company and strategic decision-making.

Project Panels – we have Project Panels which are responsible for decision-making on grant and key funds within the company.  Each Panel has a clear terms of reference and has members from Cadwyn Clwyd and key stakeholder and partners.

Project Officers and Administrative Staff – we have project officers and administrative staff responsible for the day to day running of the company and its portfolio of projects and programmes.