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Cadwyn Clwyd Cyfyngedig is a Rural Development Agency, which provides guidance and support to develop and diversify the rural economy in Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham through EU funds, UK domestic funds and private sector funds. The Company focuses on actions, which stimulate grass–root participation, partnership working and innovation to support projects for rural communities and sector groups. It works directly with local communities to assist in the development and implementation of projects, which benefit the area’s local economy.

The Company and its staff has a wealth of past experience of delivering rural development programmes within the sectors of Diversification of Agriculture, Agri-Food & Specialty Foods, Environmental Schemes, Cultural Tourism, Green Tourism, Heritage and Conservation Projects, Social Enterprise Development, Community Development, Community Capacity Building, Access to Services and Joint Projects with other rural areas in Europe.

The Company currently delivers elements of the EU and WG funded Rural Development Plan for Wales in rural Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham and is involved in supporting activities and projects within the following areas:


Our Background


Cadwyn Clwyd is a Company Limited by Guarantee (not for profit) and was incorporated in 2001 to deliver rural development programmes in rural areas of Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham. The Company has 10 Directors representing various socio-economic sectors relevant to the local area and there is a Partnership Technical Advisory Group which consist of public sector and social sector representatives which act in an advisory capacity for the Company.

The Company has a wide range of programmes which it has managed since its inception some of which include; LEADER+, Article 33, Leonardo Da Vinci ESF, INTERREG IIIB, Rural Community Action.

Additionally the Company levers in funding from a variety of external sources such as Local Authorities, Aggregate Tax Sustainability Fund, Landfill Tax Fund, The Arts Council of Wales, WG (and previous WDA) Agri-food Funds, AONB Sustainable Development Fund, WG Communities Facilities Programme, CCW Funds, Lottery – Awards for All, Tir Mostyn and Foel Goch Windfarm Trust, Heritage Lottery Fund and Rural Business Action / STVEI.  In addition to this, the Company is experienced in delivering external contractual programmes such as Farming Connect, Taste of Wales, Food Culture Ambassadors and Food Business Advisors.

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