Prosperous Denbighshire

Denbighshire Business Collaboration Fund


Prosperous Denbighshire Business Collaboration Fund is funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund through the ‘supporting local business’ investment priority.

The Prosperous Denbighshire Business Collaboration Fund will promote and support networking and collaboration, through interventions that bring together businesses and partners within and across sectors to share knowledge, expertise and resources, and stimulate innovation and growth.  It will focus on

  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Growth
  • Net Zero Ambitions


The deadline for all applications is the 28th of June, 2024.

Who can apply:

The fund will support groups such as business groups, chambers of trade, and business clusters to realise projects on the ground which benefit them on a collective basis; and organisations which operate in the county seeking to deliver projects targeted at micro and small enterprises including social enterprises.

How to apply:

Full details of the Prosperous Denbighshire Business Collaboration Fund can be found in the GUIDANCE NOTES.

A PROJECT PROPOSAL FORM will be required to be completed online.  The Business Collaboration Project Officer will contact you to discuss your application.

If you’d like to discuss your ideas, please contact:

Donna Hughes on 01490 340500 / 07833 084352