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The Company has 10 Directors representing various socio-economic sectors relevant to the local area; there is a Partnership Technical Advisory Group which consist of public sector and social sector representatives which act in an advisory capacity for the Company.

Director Expertise Representing
Cllr Rhys Hughes Farming Denbighshire CC Cabinet and Denbighshire RDP Partnership
Cllr Huw Jones Leisure and Tourism Denbighshire CC Cabinet
Cllr Derek Butler Regeneration Flintshire CC Cabinet
Cllr Carolyn Thomas Heritage and Tourism Flintshire CC Cabinet and Chair of the Clwydian Range AONB
Ms Joanna Douglass Economics and business Denbighshire CC
Ms Sharon Barlow Rural Development Flintshire CC
Mr Andrew Jedwell Food Industry Consultant Wales Organic Food Industry
Community / Voluntary
Dr Norman Jones Business Corwen Business Group
Mr John Les Tomos Tourism Flintshire Tourism Association and Flintshire RDP Partnership
Mr Gareth Evans

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Partnership Technical Advisory Group

Partnership Technical Advisory Group (PTAG) – The PTAG is responsible for advising the Board of Directors and staff on general strategy, project implementation, complementarity and financial management.  The PTAG and Directors also undertake the development of synergies between all projects supported by the Company.

Flintshire County Council
Sharon Barlow – Rural Development Officer
Dave Evans – Tourism Manager

Denbighshire County Council
Joanna Douglass – Team Leader Economic and Business Development South
Sian Morgan-Jones – Team Leader European and Other Funding
Peter McDermott – Team Leader – Tourism Marketing and Events

Natural Resource Wales
Paul Mitchell – Regional Team Leader (Partnership and Countryside)

Flintshire Local Voluntary Council
June Brady – Funding Outreach Officer

Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council
Helen Prince – Development Manager

Clwydian Range AONB Panel
Howard Sutcliffe – AONB & Countryside Officer

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Cadwyn Clwyd Staff

Cadwyn Clwyd currently has 13 members of staff, each responsible for delivery of specific projects within the Cadwyn Clwyd area.

  • Lowri Owain – Manager
  • Catrin Lloyd Jones – Finance and Controls Officer
  • Delyth Jones – Finance and Controls Officer
  • Rhian Drake – Finance and Controls Officer
  • Adam Bishop – Axis 4 Coordinator
  • Eirys Roberts – Admin Officer
  • Adam Bishop – Community Development Officer
  • Helen Roberts – Community Development Officer
  • Andrew Redfern – Flintshire Rural Key Fund  Officer
  • Ceri Hughes – Denbighshire Tourism Officer
  • Robert Price – Denbighshire Agricultural / Food Officer
  • Sarah Jones – Enviroment and Heritage Officer
  • Silas Jones – Energy Officer
  • Lowri Edwards – Project Support Officer

Commons Development Officers

  • Daniel Delaney – Supervisor
  • James Blair
  • Judy Hart
  • Owen Jenkins
  • Gwyn Rowlands
  • Nigel Elgar
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