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LEADER Theme 2 – Facilitating pre-commercial development, business partnerships and short supply chains

LEADER theme 2 is all about local organisations, groups and businesses looking at new ways of making things, doing things and working together.  In particular, Cadwyn Clwyd will work with the business community to enable the provision of tailored pre-commercial support to help local entrepreneurs test the viability of new business concepts and ideas in a supportive and managed risk environment.  Example projects will include exploring proof of concept and feasibility of new business ideas, piloting the development of new food and non-food products, facilitating access to mentoring and guidance. The theme also includes targeted support for businesses operating in the tourism, agriculture and forestry, leisure, accommodation, retail and food sectors to improve linkages and physical and digital networking.  LEADER cannot provide assistance that would be considered State Aid, so all assistance to commercial operations will focus on pre-commercial work and the finding of all pilots and feasibility studies will be published for the benefit of all.

Projects delivered include facilitating a North East Wales Food Forum, a Learning Journeys project enabling local groups and businesses to learn best practice from others, a pilot project to develop a bank of volunteers, and a project working with a food technology centre to develop new food products linked to the local area.