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LAG Flintshire


A Local Action Group is a partnership of key local organisations and people responsible for the LEADER programme in each county area of Rural Denbighshire, Rural Flintshire and Rural Wrexham. The Local Action Group is the decision-making body in relation to the implementation of the LEADER programme, Cadwyn Clwyd then administers the Programme under the direction of the LAG. There are 18 members on each LAG representing the public, private and community/voluntary sectors in the rural area. Each LAG also have advisors to provide advice and guidance where necessary.

Cymunedol/Gwirfoddol Community/Voluntary Preifat / Private Cyhoeddus / Public Ymgynghorwyr Advisor
Dave Shiel (AHNE / AONB) Vanessa Warrington (Busnes / Business) Cllr Derek Butler (Cynghorydd Sir y Fflint / FCC Cllr) Sharon Barlow (Cyngor Sir y Fflint / FCC)
Gill Stephen (Menter Iaith) Mari Jones (FUW) Martin Fearnley

Tref Treffynnon Cyngor / Holywell Town Council

Niall Waller (Cyngor Sir y Fflint / FCC)
Gareth Evans (Cadwyn Clwyd) Adrian Waters (Busnes / Business) Tom Woodall (Gwasanaeth Cefn Gwlad Sir y Fflint / FCC Countryside Services)
June Brady (FLVC) Terrig Morgan (NFU – Ffermio / Farming – NFU) Paul Mitchell (CNC / NRW)
Adrian Barsby (Cynghorydd Cymunedol / Community Cllr) Sue Haygarth (Busnes / Business) Cllr Marjorie Thomson (Cynghorau Cymunedol Un Llais Cymru / One Voice Wales Community Councils)
Gareth Hughes (Cynghorydd Cymunedol / Community Cllr) Helen Booth (Busnes / Business) David Hill (Mold Town Council)
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